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Msalato secondary school have got various social clubs. These clubs provide opportunities for students to participate in activities, interact with peers in a supervised setting, and form relationships with other people. Some clubs focus on a specific area, thus allowing members to develop their skills and interests in that area. Other clubs provide an array of activities from which students can choose. Club membership provides an opportunity to participate in new roles. The leadership roles that are available in clubs provide a valuable experience that is not generally available to students.Other roles, such as being a helper in a service club help Msalato students develop solidarity and unity spirit.

       Some social clubs present at Msalato secondary school  include:

FEMA  club 

         FEMA is a Swedish originated program which means " Magazine-for-in-schools-youths".

which mainly deals with Sexual & Reproductive Health education, human and civil rights, Economic Empowerment, environmental conservation and entrepreneurship skills.

Fema is a very popular club and also a trusted source of information, especially regarding sexuality and reproduction, interpretership, social rights and gender issues. For example, the Fema magazines provided at Msalato secondary school has succeeded to strike the balance between cultural sensitivity and confronting important issues. Fema has contributed to a more open public debate on various social problems and has been able to come out with very helpful answers which help the Msalato students who face various social issues.

It has participated in some activities such as cleaning the school's environment and making a wonderful FEMA garden. The club is chaired by Monica Mariwa under the supervision of Mr Adam.

The Fema club has been able to do the following at MSALATO SECONDARY SCHOOL:

  • Fema has helped to develop Social norms supporting the Msalato  Family lifestyles and has promoted behaviours including the perception of what influential people think about the behaviours and what they should do.
  • Fema club at Msalato secondary school has been able to enhance and create confident and competent change-makers with healthy lifestyles who actively participate in the development and well-being of Msalato society. This is through the continuous Fema meetings where the members tend to discuss various issues including environmental programmes to be conducted at school, visiting the disabled, and other charity programs.
  • Fema club has been able to discover and develop talents by conducting numerous "Bonanzas" where members and non-members of the club show their talents and creativity including fashion shows, singing, dancing, and many more.
  • Fema club at Msalato has succeeded to provide knowledge and awareness about sexual and reproductive health and rights, economic empowerment, and citizen engagement to the Msalato society hence creating an aware society of future women generation.


The TAKUKURU club stands for "Taasisi ya Kuzuia na Kupambana na Rushwa"  on another side, PCCB stands forPrevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau which deals with giving education on how to combat and prevent corruption in the society. The Msalato TAKUKURU club has played a vital role in giving awareness to students on everything concerning corruption. It has made students aware of various types of corruption as well as ways to combat such situation while at school, home, health centres and other spheres where corruption is likely to occur. The Msalato TAPSA club is being chaired by Catherine Phillip and under the supervision of Mr Christant Makwaya

TAPSA club  

TAPSA stands for Tanzania Pharmaceutical Students ' Association which deals with education on medicine and related out-comings.It is an autonomous, non-political, non-profit, student association committed to serving Pharmaceutical Students and the general public at large. TAPSA  club began in 2017 at  Msalato secondary school and having more than 100 members led by Farida Tamala who is the club chair leader under the supervision of Mr Seth Mwilongo The club has tried its level best to educate most of Msalato students on proper use of medicine ant the possible outcomes of not doing so. Therefore TAPSA has been helpful in educating the Msalato society on medicine use.


    This article was prepared by Msalato secondary school social and sports prefects   

Vanessa Goodluck (VHGL), Monica Mariwa (VHGL), Christina Mashelle  (VPCM) and Fatuma  Bakari (IV).  

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