INTERNET SOURCES (geography) (webpage development) (web design) (Form I-IV contents) (Maktaba Tetea)

www.library.stanford.ed (Stanford University Library) (all subjects notes) (Swahili Form) (Computer studies) (Most of subjects are available) (Authors: UCC students) (Educational web portal of physical geography) (Author:  Amidu Edson) (Physics notes) (Science and technology related to air and space) (Paneli la Kiswahili) (Nukuu za Kiswahili) (Geography notes by Gamesby. R) (Online learning contents for students and teachers in secondary schools)

https://phet.colorado.ed (PHET Interactive Simulations on Physics, biology, chemistry, earth science and mathematics it was introduced as a project at University of Colorado Boulder.) ( A-level physics &GCSE Physics) (Arts, Biology, Business studies, Chemistry, Economics, English literature, French, geography, History, Maths, Physics, Psychology, Sociology and GCSE subjects) (O-level and A-level resources) (Physics resources) (Most of subjects are available) (GCSE and A-level revision) (Physics and chemistry online notes) (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Kiswahili, English & Psychology)

NB: GCSE- General Certificate of Secondary Education

GCSE examination are examination taken by most pupils at the end of compulsory school education (years 11) in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. (libgen library) (smart school) (basic computer hardware quiz)

www.indianstudyhub (computer fundamentals practice mcq question and answer) (ebook for free) (download all past papers) (any pdf book for free) (ebook for free)

LEARN PROGRAMMING (knowledge of programming) (softwares hub) (computer fundamental) (All subjects with solved past papers) (Kenya) (Kenya) (apps and setup) (computer, mobile and business skills) (ms access notes)

We acknowledge the contributions of the above internet sources will help to improve teaching and learning processes in most of subjects. Use it wisely.

Thanks for all Authors and Contributors

Compiled by Daudi Chitema

Head of Information & Computer Studies Department

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